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True-False Divorce Readiness Quiz

You can use this Divorce Readiness Quiz to determine where you are in your relationship. Are you ready for divorce, or do you just need a date night? Answer the questions below, a scoring guide is at the bottom of the quiz.

You can also download a printable version of the Divorce Readiness Quiz here:

Divorce Readiness Quiz

1. In the last six months, my partner has changed their exercise, dress and grooming regime to look younger or fitter.

2. I have not had sex with my partner in over one month and there are no medical issues preventing me or my partner

3. I suspect that my partner is cheating.

4. I can’t remember the last time sex was good.

5. I can’t remember why I married my partner in the first place.

6. I don’t have access to the marital accounts, or the access that I have is very limited.

7. I am currently involved in a romantic relationship with someone other than my partner.

8. My partner has been diagnosed (by someone other than me and google) with a mental disorder/disease and fails to seek counseling or medical treatment.

9. My partner has an addiction to drugs, alcohol, porn, gambling, shopping, etc. but fails to seek treatment to address the addiction.

10. We fight more than we laugh.

Divorce Readiness Quiz Scoring Guide

Score: 1 or 2

You are probably in need of some marital counseling or a good, old-fashioned date night with your spouse that includes a heart-to-heart conversation.

Score: 2 to 5

Your marriage is salvageable but will take a lot of work. You need to ask yourself, “Does my desire to fix this marriage outweigh my exhaustion at trying to do so?” If so, then you should explore marital counseling. It is also advisable to consult with a lawyer just to understand the law and your rights and responsibilities.

Score: Greater than 5

You may want to consult a collaborative family law attorney.

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