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How Much Does a Divorce Cost? We Provide Our Costs Upfront

Get upfront, transparent pricing on your divorce cost from the attorneys at the Collaborative Divorce Center.

We Tailor Your Cost According to What You Need

Every situation is unique. We won’t frontload you with services that don’t apply to your situation. Our consultation will determine how we can best help your situation and we can formulate your costs from there.

    I cannot say enough good things about working with Pamela Masters and participating in a collaborative divorce process. It is so much more civilized, it costs a lot less, it's more efficient, it's less toxic, there's less game playing and so much less subterfuge. I strongly recommend Ms. Masters and the collaborative process over a "War of the Roses" type divorce.

      Ms. Masters assisted me in the most professional and caring way through a very challenging and difficult divorce process. She negotiated fairly and well on my behalf and I would highly recommend her services.

        Had a wonderful experience working with Pamela Masters and her team. Pam’s experience, work ethic, and knowledge are unmatched. She made the process very streamlined, and as easy as possible. If I were able to give more than five stars, I would gladly do so! I would recommend her to anyone going through the collaborative divorce process.

          Pam and her staff were amazing during the entire process. The staff are on top of everything, have amazing communication and are beyond helpful and supportive during a difficult time.

            At the time of my divorce my ex and I were in a very bad mental and financial situation. Pam streamlined the process and made it extremely bearable as well as affordable. By the time we sat down for mediation her preparation and professionalism made the actual negotiations quick, seamless and painless. We both walked away from the table feeling she did right by both of us, even though she was my representative.

              Pam and her team were extremely helpful with the divorce process. She gave great advice and listened. Her pricing is helpful to any family going through a difficult time. I appreciate the professionalism of Pam and Trish!! I highly recommend The Collaborative Divorce Center.

                Pam and her team are exceptional! They are knowledgeable, ethical, caring and empathetic.They kept me well informed, quickly responded to my questions/concerns, and were always one step ahead in filing court documents. Going through a divorce is a difficult time, but their professionalism helped me keep it together. Thank you Pam, Trish and Shannon!! God bless.

                Our Fee Structure

                Flat Fees

                Flat fees are specific charges that account for the total compensation. These are straightforward fees and are commonly seen in uncontested divorce situations.

                Value Billing

                Value billing is an alternative to by-the-hour billing. It is comparable to a fixed-fee arrangement and is when the attorney looks at the overall scope of the case and determines a perceived value for reaching the end goals.

                Fee Caps

                We insert fee caps into all of our client arrangements. We do this to ensure confidence in our clients that a case will not exceed a predetermined cost.

                By The Hour

                We do not bill by the hour unless the client demands it. If that is the case, we will honor the client’s wishes.

                Why Do We Use Value Billing?

                We use value billing as a more proactive approach to caseload management. With value billing, you are paying for our firm’s expertise and experience. And don’t worry – if we underestimate the workload, that is our problem. We will not tack on more costs to you, as would be seen in a pay-per-hour arrangement.

                Daytona Beach Divorce Attorney Services

                Contact us today to set up your consultation and have a conversation about how we bill. We can help you get a sense of what you could pay for your divorce. Trust our experienced attorneys to handle your divorce proceedings affordably.

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