Divorce coaching provides guidance and support so that self-represented parties can participate in the family court system without feeling so overwhelmed and alone.

Divorce coaching allows you to do as much of the work as you can and you may opt for as much or as little help as you need and can afford.

Your Divorce Coach Can:

  • review all of the forms that you must file to start your divorce or paternity process.
  • explain to you what will happen once you file your petition for dissolution and to help you prepare for the next steps.
  • help you gather all the necessary financial disclosure you must make in every case and also provide resources to you for things like the parenting class that all divorcing parents must take
  • prepare you for and then stand by during your mediation.
  • work with you prior to a court appearance to help you understand what is going to happen and what you should (and should not) say or do.
  • prepare you for a trial with help to know what documents and evidence you should present to the judge and how to do so.

Your source of accurate information and support.

 One hour coaching session:  $250.00.  Additional sessions as needed. Discounts available for multiple sessions.

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