To divorce using mediation, each person must agree to:

  • Stay out of court.
  • Communicate respectfully and constructively.
  • Full exchange of information (especially financial information) so a fair resolution can be found.
  • Make decisions to meet the needs of all family members.

In mediation, each person gets:

  • Advice and guidance from Pam, plus a divorce coach and a financial expert.
  • A complete parenting plan that fits your unique family.
  • Help to develop good co-parenting skills.
  • A clear explanation of your current financial situation and help to make fair financial decisions.

The benefits of mediation are:

  • Happier, healthier kids who feel secure in two homes.
  • A peaceful divorce with respect and integrity.
  • Control over the outcome.
  • Creative solutions that work for your family.


Based on total family income and net worth

Under $50,000
Over $150,000
$100 per hour
$150 per hour
$200 per hour
$250 per hour
$300 per hour

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