Mediation is one of the most cost effective ways for families to resolve differences.  Married couples seeking a divorce and parents dealing with paternity or parenting decisions can mediate without lawyers if they believe that they may be able to resolve between themselves the division of their assets and liabilities and any parenting issues.

Pam will guide you through settlement options and potential outcomes, encouraging respectful communication and exploring creative solutions for your family. Pam will draft your marital settlement agreement and parenting plan incorporating the agreements you reach at mediation. These documents can be filed with the court in your divorce or paternity action.

Pam also mediates with couples who are represented by counsel and works to achieve creative solutions that work for individuals, children and families.

Pam is a state-certified circuit civil and family law mediator with over 25 years of mediation experience.

Pam offers sliding fee scale mediation rates dependent upon combined family income and on a case-by-case basis.



Based on total family income and assets

Under $50,000




Over $150,000

$100 per hour

$120 per hour

$200 per hour

$250 per hour

$300 per hour



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