The Collaborative Divorce Center mediates with parties represented by counsel and also with parties who are not represented and who believe that they may be able to resolve the division of their assets and liabilities and any parenting issues.

Family court requires each family to mediate in a good faith attempt to resolve their differences prior to setting a hearing or trial. The Collaborative Divorce Center can help you fulfill that requirement in the comfort and privacy of its offices which include state of the art technology for viewing financial documents, equitable distribution charts, and timesharing proposals.

We will guide you through settlement options and potential outcomes, encouraging respectful communication and exploring creative solutions for your family. We will draft your marital settlement agreement and parenting plan incorporating the agreements you reach at mediation. These documents can be filed with the court in your divorce or paternity action.

Pam Masters is a state-certified circuit civil and family law mediator with over 25 years of mediation experience.

Pam offers sliding fee scale mediation rates dependent upon combined family income and on a case-by-case basis.

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