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A Child’s Rights in Divorce

  • I have the right not to have to make adult decisions.
  • I have to right not to blame or choose sides and the right not to be asked to do so.
  • I have a right not to be made a witness or an advocate for either parent in their divorce. I have the right not to be dragged into whatever disagreements my parents have and the right to know that I did not cause or contribute in any way to the situation nor can I fix it.
  • I have the right to love whom I choose, without guilt, pressure or rejection.
  • I have a right to love as many people as I want (step-parents, significant others, relatives, grandparents, etc.) without guilt or being made to feel disloyal-for the more love I give, the more I have to give and the more I receive.
  • I have the right to like both my parents, since they are both part of me, and the right to be assured that this is ok.
  • I have right to spend time with both my parents, regardless of grown-up wants and wishes based upon convenience, money or their feelings or agendas. I OWN VISITATION; IT IS MY RIGHT, NOT THE RIGHT OF MY PARENTS.
  • I have a right to regular, predictable daily and weekly routine, one that is not filled with alternating patterns, disruptions and drama caused by my parents refusing to follow agreements they have made, court orders or common sense.
  • I have the right to remain a child, and not to replace a parent in my duties or to be an adult companion, friend, comforter or sounding board for my parents.
  • I have the right not to ever have to choose with whom I live. This is a decision for wise adults acting in my best interest and not their own. Having to make such a choice will always hurts someone else and, therefore, myself. I have this right even when I am a teenager and people wish I were able to choose. I can never choose between my parents.

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