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Dealing with Divorce Stress

In these videos, veteran divorce attorney Pam Masters, shares actionable tips for reducing stress associated with divorce.

10 Tips for Divorcing Differently

Taking Care of Yourself During A Divorce

Divorce Communication Musts

In her video series on communication, Collaborative divorce attorney Pam Masters, describes critical information about how to communicate in divorce.

When to Tell Your Spouse You're Ready for a Divorce

Healthy Divorce: General Rules of Divorce Conduct

Divorce Options & Advice

Knowing one’s options is critical when making decisions during a divorce. Knowing how to identify the best possible outcome of a divorce is also critical.

How Alimony Works

What Happens in Divorce Litigation (And why Collaborative Divorce is better)

Lower Your Divorce Cost

In this video series, veteran divorce attorney Pam Masters does something surprising for a divorce attorney—she shares options for lowering the cost of divorce.

Divorce Options: Things you can do to reduce the cost of your divorce.

Divorce Options: There's a budget for every divorce

Parenting in Divorce

Parenting today is challenging under normal circumstances. Parenting while navigating a divorce is extra challenging.

Custody in Florida

Children's Rights in Divorce

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