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The Very Definition of Divorce

The Very Definition of Divorce

The root of the word “divorce” comes from the Latin word “divortere” which means to turn in different directions. There is some comfort in the simple idea of two people having traveled in the same direction and now one or both are going in different directions. However, the challenge of trying to figure out the details, the administrative burden of figuring out splitting up the assets and the sale of home and kids in the midst of the emotional upset creates numbness and overwhelm, not to mention sadness, despair, fury, anger and for some, relief.

None of this is made easier by involving the family court system. In fact, all of it is made much more difficult. A no court process using lawyers committed to settlement and the well-being of all members of the family keeps the focus on the simple fact that two people who have been travelling together are going to go in different directions. Recognizing and allowing the upset and overwhelm to be is the first step. If needed, there is help to do that with trained mental health professionals who understand divorce. Sorting out the finances can happen more easily once some of the upset and overwhelm has subsided. There is help for that too with highly trained financial professionals who work with divorcing couples.

You don’t have to go it alone and you don’t have to go into the courtroom with someone to “fight” for you. You don’t have to “fight” at all. You just have to make the best decisions you can for your future, as you travel in a different direction.

Contact us at the Collaborative Divorce Center and let us help you and your family to go in a different direction without all of the hurt feelings. It can be done. I have seen it many times.

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