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Divorce Webinar

Divorce Webinar

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I am Pam Masters and I am a collaborative family lawyer, which is to say that I am a settlement specialist and I guide couples and families on the difficult journey of divorce without court involvement. I do this is ways that protects children, preserves financial assets and creates healthy co-parenting relationships.

Today I am going to talk to you about a free workshop on the third Wednesday of every month that is designed to give you information about how to divorce differently.

I know that so many of you have concerns and questions about divorce and I have some answers. Divorce is a difficult decision with many unknowns. And there are quite a few common misconceptions perpetuated by the internet-many of which cause needless worry and anxiety.

Learn about your options to divorce differently at this FREE online workshop.

• You will have NO obligation other than to get information.

• I have scheduled the workshop so that you may attend online during your lunch break

• Attendance is totally private and confidential

We will talk about the steps in a divorce process, the cost of divorce, ways to reduce that cost, things you should know before you embark on the divorce journey and so much more.

Pre-registration is required so that I can send you the zoom link. You can find registration information at my website at, on the Collaborative Divorce Center’s facebook page, at event and by calling or emailing my office. Phone number is 386-271-8044 and email inquiries to

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