The Collaborative Divorce Center

Beyond Legalities: Understanding the Complexity of Divorce

Divorce—It’s Much More Than a Legal Process

Here’s what most people get wrong about divorce: thinking that divorce is a legal process.

Divorce is first and foremost an emotional process and secondarily a financial process. The legal process is incidental (and very fast and easy) once the emotional and financial work is done. This is why families are failed by divorce conducted primarily by lawyers in an inefficient and inflexible court system designed to produce “winners” and “losers.” What is needed is a way for families to work through the emotional and financial issues in a supportive environment with the right people to help with information gathering and good decision-making.

The Collaborative Divorce Center divorce offers families a team of professionals to guide and empower each person through the transition from one home to two, married to single and joint parents to co-parents. This approach does not abandon the role of lawyers and advocacy for individual clients; rather, it allows advocacy to be directed at solutions that work for client rather than focused primarily on blame and archaic processes to “discover” financial information and facts that will enable one party to “win” and insure that the other will “lose.”

We ensure that couples receive help from parenting experts, financial professionals and their lawyers all under one roof and at one time. The process is designed for efficiency and allows families to move through the decisions needed to get divorced at the pace that is comfortable for them, not dependent upon a judge’s calendar or court schedule.

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