A Better Process for Separation

Divorce is never fun, but it can be much less painful. Following these ten tips (or should we say commandments) will make all the difference in the world for divorcing individuals, their children, and extended family and friends.

A Better Divorce

  • Preserves privacy, assets, respect and relationships
  • Meets the needs of all family members especially children
  • Reduces stress because you are working with a supportive team
  • Allows you to make decisions based on all the things that are important to you
  • Ensures that you do not suffer long-term negative effects from your divorce

A Better Outcome for the Kids.

  • Creates better co-parenting relationships
  • Nutures happier and emotionally healthier kids
  • Ensures that kids feel secure in two homes
  • Honors children’s rights to love both parents and not have to choose sides
  • Develops creative parenting schedules tailored to your unique family 

A Better Financial Future.

  • Conserves marital assets with an affordable process
  • Ensures financial stability for everyone
  • Allows for retirement planning
  • Encourages consideration of children’s expenses not usually addressed in a litigated divorce
  • Takes advantage of beneficial tax provisions to craft financial solutions 

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