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Why Is Each Divorce Unique?

Why Is Each Divorce Unique?

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Every marriage and family has its own distinct profile. As a result, every divorce is different. Your legal strategy has to match your personal circumstances and needs. That takes time, thought and careful planning. What you imagine your result to be should be built around a long-term lifestyle choice you hope to maintain.

Beware of bad information about divorce

The divorce landscape is full of misinformation. That’s because more conflict can mean higher fees for a divorce lawyer. As a result, books are written by attorneys who advocate methods that heighten conflict and raise legal fees.

Do not let others influence you

Do not let family members, friends or associates sway your choices. Only you know what is truly right for you. They are not the ones who have to deal with your ex-spouse and children going forward. Only you can make vital decisions about your life. This is especially the case if any of them have been through a difficult divorce. Their negative experiences will almost always affect the advice they give you. As a result you can take the wrong approach. Then you may be dealing with a more stressful process, and a bad outcome.

Consider collaborative family law

If you haven’t already, take some time to read about the collaborative process, it is a calmer and less stressful route to a solution. As a result, it is often less expensive and less emotionally draining than the typical proceeding. Along with a family law lawyer, the collaborative process involves a finance professional as well as a mental health professional. That added expertise allows the process to be much more civil and thoughtful of all parties involved. In the end, all that are involved generally walk away with less financial and emotional stress from the process.

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