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Kitchen Table Divorce

Kitchen Table Divorce

Today I’m going to talk to you about another option to traditional, litigated divorce. Do you know what a “kitchen table divorce” is? I didn’t think so.

It’s inexpensive, it’s fast, it’s fair, and it’s not harmful to your family. So of course I’m a big fan.

Here’s how it works

You and your partner decide that your marriage is not viable and you’re going to end the marriage. But you also commit to doing that in a kind, compassionate, and respectful way.

You agree that you can be mature, and that you can talk about the issues that need to be talked about. You both believe you’ll be able to negotiate between yourselves what needs to happen with your assets and your liabilities. And if you have children: how you will share time with them and pay for their expenses.

Kitchen table divorce

It’s a no-court divorce

It’s a no-court divorce that you and your partner create for yourselves, at your “kitchen table”. Once you have decided everything that you think you need to decide: you can write your agreement down and bring it to a collaborative lawyer, like me, who will then turn your agreement into the proper documentation to be filed with the court and will file an uncontested divorce on your behalf.

If it is a kitchen table divorce, can’t I just do it myself?

You can, but there might be a couple of issues that you and your partner did not know you had to decide. If that is the case, a lawyer can help you spot those. And then work through them. Just as you are able to do if you were able to work through everything else at your kitchen table. A kitchen table divorce is my absolute favorite kind of divorce. It is the kind I wish every family could have. Families would be so much better off if they could divorce in that way. Fighting and hiring litigators and spending a lot of money imposes a lot more trauma on the family.

As always, if you’d like more information you can find plenty of information on my website at I’d love to talk to you personally if you think that you could do a kitchen table divorce, and you’d like to know a little bit more about it, please give me a call at (386) 271-8044

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