Collaborative Law

To divorce collaboratively, each person must agree to:

  • Stay out of court.
  • Communicate respectfully and constructively.
  • Full and candid exchange of information (especially financial information) so a fair resolution can be found.
  • Make decisions only in meetings with your team.


In a collaborative divorce, each person gets:

  • Advice and guidance from your collaborative lawyers, a divorce coach and a financial expert.
  • Help from your divorce coach to identify and prioritize the concerns of each person and to create a parenting plan.
  • Help developing good co-parenting communication skills.
  • Organization of financial information and assurance that both parties understand the current financial situation and the effect of decisions made in the process.


In a collaborative divorce, the benefits are:

  • High priority to the needs of impacted children.
  • The decision-making power is kept where it belongs: with the people affected by the outcome, not their lawyers and not a judge.
  • Respectful communication, information gathering and brainstorming for solutions that best suit your family.
  • Less financial and emotional stress during the process.


The collaborative law team meets as many times as is required to resolve all issues, and most cases are resolved in 3–5 meetings. Each meeting is limited to two hours. Call (386) 271‑8044 today for more information and to see if collaborative divorce is right for you.

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