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Summer Break Co-Parenting: Tips for Success

Co-parenting During Summer Break I know it is early, but now is the time for families who are co-parenting to start thinking about summer time-sharing. It’s common for parenting agreements to have provisions that require notifications to each other in advance of vacations or to get approval for camp, school or other activities. There may […]

Delicate Conversation: Communicating Your Desire for Divorce

How to Tell Your Spouse You Want a Divorce If you are unhappy and considering divorce, but don’t know how to tell your spouse, this is written especially for you. Make certain you really want a divorce. Don’t make the mistake of threatening divorce because you’re angry. This is a conversation to have with your […]

Communication Insights: The Gentle Art of Rebuking

The Gentle Rebuke I was driving to the courthouse recently. I was in a bit of a hurry because I was running a tiny bit late. I do not generally speed and especially not in the vicinity of the courthouse because it is congested, near the library and a baseball field and the road is […]

Healthy Family Dynamics: Avoiding Win-Lose Scenarios

Families Should Never Be Forced to Be Winners or Losers! Divorce is first and foremost an emotional process and secondarily a financial process. The legal process is incidental once the emotional and financial work is done. This is why families are failed by divorce conducted primarily by lawyers in an inefficient and inflexible court system […]

More on Perspective

More on Perspective—One Way to De-escalate Conflict and Have a Healthy Conversation that is More Likely to Lead to a Resolution. Often we look back on a fight with a significant other and think “I can’t believe we got into it over—-the clothes on the floor– the dishes in the sink–being late, etc. etc. We […]

Discovering Truth: Unveiling Perspectives on Reality

Truth One person sees a square, another sees a circle. They are both correct in declaring what they see. Except what they see as individuals doesn’t create a full picture. The object itself is greater than just one perspective, it demands that we see it from three dimensions, from different angles. The problem lies when […]

Understanding the Science of Quitting: Insights and Strategies

The Science of Quitting Knowing when to say to when is hard. If you are thinking about quitting something, it is probably already past the time when you should have thrown in the towel. This is because the moment that you go from “failing” to “having failed” is the toughest one. It is why people […]

Safeguarding Your Financial Future Amidst Divorce Challenges

Don’t Let Divorce Ruin Your Finances Divorce is one of the most stressful events that can happen in a person’s life. It isn’t just emotionally draining, either, as it can also be catastrophic for your bank account. Whether it’s lost wages, added housing costs, or expensive legal representation, here’s how divorce can ruin your finances […]