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Divorce is expensive, but the real cost is truly complex. There are many different reasons why a couple may choose to end their relationship, but doing so always comes with an emotional price tag. 

Going through a divorce can cause people to experience many strong and distressing emotions such as anger, frustration, regret, and sadness. But it’s not just the couple involved that experience these feelings. If they have children, they will also have their own mix of disorienting emotions to work through.  

Both parents and children may have to contend with these emotions long after the divorce is finalized and paid for. 

Depending on the level of complexity during divorce, parents will also be paying with their time as they progress through the separation process. Filling out forms, meeting with attorneys, and appearing in court can cost someone a lot of personal time. Organizing documents, like records of shared assets or expense details, can take quite a bit of time as well. Even after your case is finalized, you may have to continue to maintain documents like records of your communication, shared calendar, parenting expenses, and much more.

Prepare yourself and your children emotionally.

More than just money, you’ll want to do all you can to lower the emotional cost that is paid by both yourself and your kids. Have a plan in place before you talk to your kids about your divorce so that you are more prepared to answer their questions about things like where they are going to live or where they will go to school. 

Discuss this topic as a family, and always remind your kids that you both still love them very much. 

Also, consider enlisting help for yourself and your kids by way of a family therapist. This professional can help save you on the emotional cost of divorce by helping you work through your feelings and teach you healthy ways to cope.

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