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Translating Gaslighting in Relationships

Translating Gaslighting in Relationships We hear a lot these days about gaslighting and sometimes it is hard to understand just what that means. One definition is the action of repetitively (and often brazenly) lying to someone to manipulate, and ultimately control them and the relationship. It could be divided into four different types: outright lying, […]

A Dollar Isn’t Always a Dollar?

Did You Know that a Dollar Isn’t Always a Dollar? Collaborative Professionals use the acronym PEACE to remember the steps in a divorce. Funny, huh, since most divorces are not particularly peaceful. But since one thing affects another, for example, the amount of alimony will affect the amount of child support, we have to approach […]

Tips For Surviving Back to School

Tips For Surviving Back to School As A Recently Divorced Parent Back-to-school season is a time of new beginnings, fresh starts, and bettering yourself. It’s also one of the most stressful times of the year for parents. After all, juggling work and kids, figuring out new schedules for both and finding the money for backpacks […]

Florida’s Alimony Revamp

New Florida Law Eliminates Permanent Alimony New law passed in Florida completely revamping alimony. The new law will apply to all cases pending as of July 1st. One of the stated goals of the overhaul is to reduce litigation. I believe that some provisions of the new law will have the opposite effect. The bill […]

Deciding Between Collaborative Divorce and Mediation

Collaborative Divorce vs. Mediation: Choosing the Right Path If you’re considering divorce, you might be surprised to learn that there are no court options for divorce that will ensure that the process isn’t unnecessarily expensive and destructive. You and your spouse may have decided the marriage is no longer working, and if so, there is […]

Father’s Day

After divorce, all holidays look and feel different. For dads, Father’s Day can be especially difficult (as Mother’s Day can be for moms).

Prenuptial Agreements: Making a Smart Choice

Prenuptial Agreements- A WISE MOVE A pre-nuptial agreement or pre-nup is a legally binding contract between two people who intend to get married. The contract can cover a wide array of possible scenarios and issues concerning the relationship. It generally outlines certain protections for the parties in the event of divorce. These may include the […]

Summer Break Co-Parenting: Tips for Success

Co-parenting During Summer Break I know it is early, but now is the time for families who are co-parenting to start thinking about summer time-sharing. It’s common for parenting agreements to have provisions that require notifications to each other in advance of vacations or to get approval for camp, school or other activities. There may […]